Indian Food

Scarsdale, NY

Variety is about having something for everyone and that is exactly what we ensure at Mughal Palace in Scarsdale, NY. If your preference or dietary requirements is vegetarian food, you can be sure that you will find it at our restaurant. We serve Indian cuisine and we have been doing so for a long time now with extremely good reviews for our service offering. We ensure that all vegetarian orders are prepared separately with the rest of the food to ensure that no error or unexpected mix is experienced. If you want a restaurant that will ensure that there is not even a drop of meat soup in your vegetables, contact us today.

We have very good spices and taste enhancers to ensure that your vegetarian food does not taste plain or boring. We will ensure that you enjoy your meal and it contains a balanced source of nutrients to keep your body healthy and refreshed throughout the day. Our website at has helpful information to guide you in ordering your vegetarian diet and if you need more assistance, do not hesitate to contact us and we will guide you in determining exactly what you need. From starters to desserts, you will find the best choices on the menu and we will be happy to serve you.

If you have special requests for the vegetarian meal you would like to have, contact us and we will let the chef know so as to prepare for you the exact dish you want. Our customers in Scarsdale and surrounding areas have been regularly ordering from us and they are very happy with the results we deliver. We would like to also invite our community of happy customers who love and enjoy Indian cuisine. Visit our restaurant today and you will have excellent service and some of the best dish choices in town.