Indian Dining

Valhalla, NY

Do you love Indian cuisine? Mughal Palace in Valhalla, NY is here to ensure that you do not miss your favorite selections prepared with authentic ingredients and chefs from India. We know every spice and every taste that Indian cuisine lovers are looking for, and when you dine with us, you will not be disappointed. If you are looking for a family or friends' get-together venue that will take you to the heart of Indian dining experience, we are the best choice for you. Our service is equally excellent and we promise your first time with us will not be your last because you will enjoy every moment. Visit us today and experience our infamous dining choices.

If you would like to know what we serve beforehand, visit our website at see all the different foods you could possibly enjoy. You may also call us or visit and our staff will take you through the menu and assist you to choose dishes of your choice. We are the top Indian dining option in the Valhalla area and we have continued to consistently receive excellent reviews from our customers. Maybe you have tried a number of Indian restaurants and you are yet to find one that meets your standards of taste. If this is the case, try us and you will not be disappointed.

We improve every day and we ensure that our customers are given the exact experience they are looking for. What you eat in our restaurant is exactly what you would eat if you travelled to India because we replicate all the cooking methods that are traditionally handed down in India. We also bring the best chefs and ingredients from India to ensure that you have an authentic taste and experience. Contact us today to reserve a table and our helpful staff will ensure that you get the best.