Halal Food

West Harrison, NY

Have you been looking for an Indian Restaurant in West Harrison, NY? You are in luck because Mughal Palace is just the perfect place to enjoy some authentic Indian dishes that you have probably not found anywhere else. We do not just sell food, we sell the best tastes prepared by qualified chefs whose love for the Indian cuisine is outstanding. You can be sure that once you dine with us, you will want to come more often because you will be extremely satisfied with our offering. If you have a specific craving or even a spice that you love, you can request the chef to make it a priority in your order. Welcome to Mughal Palace and enjoy the tastes of India.

We have put our dishes online to ensure that our customers have an idea of what we serve before they dine with us. Visit our website at http://www.mughalpalace.com/and see what we serve to help you decide your order. If you still cannot choose, call us and our customer service team will give you information on what you would like to order. Better yet, book your table, visit our restaurant and we will guide you through the options. You can even speak to the chef if you have a special request. Dining with us means satisfaction because we go far and beyond to ensure you get the perfect choice.

We are the top Indian Restaurant in West Harrison, NY and our customers have rated us highly when it comes to the food we serve. Our customer service is equally impressive and if you are looking for a place that has the approval of the local community, then you should choose us. Whether you are looking to dine-in or for home delivery options, contact us today and we will ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for. We are your perfect choice in town, call us today.