About Us

Here at Mughal Palace, we have a variety of choices on our menu. For example, if you are a vegetarian, we have the best vegetarian food to offer. Are you a Muslim and haven't found a restaurant that serves halal food? Why don't you come to Mughal Palace? We will get you the best Indian cuisine and we can always ensure it is halal if you prefer. You can always rest assured that with Mughal Palace there will always be something for you and your friends on our menu.

Are you around Valhalla, NY, looking for an Indian restaurant? Why don't you come to Mughal Palace? We will get you our delicious food and you can have any drink from our wine bar. Whenever you are craving some Indian food, you should come over to Mughal Palace. We will find you something that will entice your taste buds. Come to our Indian dining and our staff will give you a warm reception. Feel free to ask us for anything while you dine with us. If you are looking for an affordable Indian restaurant in Valhalla, NY, you should come by Mughal Palace and we will not disappoint you -- we are sure to give your taste buds a treat.